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If your roof’s structure includes a meeting between two roof slopes, you have a roof valley. Where there’s a roof valley, you may run into problems like water overflow and debris accumulation during heavy rainstorms. A roof valley rain diverter can help you avoid these issues.

What’s a roof valley rain diverter, and do you need one? Let’s explain this little-known but highly useful roofing product.

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A Roof Rain Diverter: What It Is and How It Works

Roof Rain Diverter

A roof valley rain diverter is a simple aluminum structure that sits above the lower inside corner of a roof valley. It catches and redirects rainwater flow to prevent it from collecting at the corner.

Roof valleys move rainwater down to a single point: the lower corner of the valley. During heavy rains, this water flow can cascade over the gutter and cause flooding or damage your landscape.

A roof valley rain diverter resembles a funnel securely attached to the roof valley corner. Rainwater runs into the wide mouth of the rain diverter, which catches it and redistributes it over a larger gutter area. This solves the issues of splashing or uncontrolled flow. A tight mesh sitting atop of the funnel prevents debris from collecting in the diverter and blocking it.

Why Install a Roof Valley Rain Diverter

Roof valley rain diverters help avoid a number of issues, including:

  • Roof, gutter, and home structure damage
  • Overflowing water hazards
  • Flooding underneath the roof valley corner
  • Landscape damage
  • Dangerous slip-and-falls

Roof valley rain diverters are quick and simple to install, provided you hire a roofing pro who understands your roof structure. A durable aluminum rain diverter should last for years and provide a fast, affordable solution to uncontrolled rain flow in roof valleys. It’s possible to paint the rain diverter so it blends in with your gutters.

Roof Valley Rain Diverters vs. Splash Guards

roof valley splash guard

Splash guards are another common solution homeowners use to redirect rainwater into the gutter. A roof valley splash guard is a simple aluminum L-shaped shield blocking that problematic lower corner of your roof valley. When rainwater flows down, the splash guard forms a barrier that redirects water into the gutter.

Splash guards may help with excessive rainwater flow, but because of their structure, they are less efficient than roof valley rain diverters. A strong flow can still splash over the guard and flood the gutters. The splash guard barrier also forms a collecting point for leaves, twigs, and other debris that could block your gutter and create an even bigger rainwater issue.

In contrast, a funnel-like diverter for roof valleys will keep its efficiency even in extreme rains without accumulating any debris.

Do You Need a Roof Valley Rain Diverter?

You might want to install a roof valley rain diverter if:

  • A roof valley is part of your roof structure
  • You struggle with issues like gutter overflow and flooding beneath your roof valley
  • You’re concerned about the potential issues of other rainwater flow solutions, like a splash guard

We recommend choosing a rain diverter made of high-grade, durable aluminum that will keep its shape in any weather and serve you for a long time.

Rainwater Problems? Call Polaris Roofing Systems

Are you dealing with gutter overflow, flooding, and other issues because of poorly controlled rainwater? A rain diverter can help you avoid these problems, especially if they concentrate in one spot, like a roof valley.

If you need reliable and cost-efficient roof valley rain diverter installation, or if you want to explore other solutions for rainwater and storm damage, contact Polaris Roofing Systems, a licensed, bonded, and insured roof repair company.

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Justin Young

Justin Young

Justin young has been in the construction trade for nearly 25 years, focusing on insurance restoration and roofing. While attending Arizona State he worked in new construction custom homes until the opportunity came to get back into restoration and roofing. Roofing came full circle and Justin was promoted to General Manager of a local roofing company. As that progressed he ventured out on his own to start his own company, Polaris Roofing Systems. He prides himself on being on the cutting edge of roofing materials, applications and roof quality. Justin enjoys spending time with his 2 young children and wife. Justin prides himself, his company and continued growth on the people around him and the integrity for which it stands for.

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