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Polaris Roofing Systems is experienced in identifying and repairing storm, wind, and hail damaged roofs. All homeowners should be aware that even if your roof was installed the day before the storm, your roof has most likely suffered damages. These damages may not be visible from the ground, and may not immediately cause a leaky roof. The consequences of hail damage may not visibly become apparent to you until 2-3 years later. Most insurance companies require claims filed within 180 days of the loss, we encourage you to take advantage of our free inspection and repair estimate immediately following a wind or hail storm.

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Hail damage roof Flagstaff
hail damage shingles flagstaff

Hail Damage Re-Roofing Flagstaff

The impact of hail or wind on your roof will remove and fracture the shingle granule surfacing material and may not be visible to you. Damaged shingles can lead to a leaky roof and costly interior damages to your home. If you have hail roof damage on your home in Flagstaff, call us immediately (928) 699-4840!

Shingle Structure and Purpose

Because shingle granules protect the asphalt shingle from sunlight and UV light, loss of granules will lead to the advanced deterioration of asphalt roofing systems. This will negatively impact the shingles protective properties over time, at an accelerated rate, and will lead to roof leaks and home damage. Any accelerated granule loss will significantly reduce the life span of your roof. If there has been a hail or wind storm in your area, make sure you schedule a FREE inspection to have your roof checked by a Polaris Roofing Systems expert.

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