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Some of the main tasks associated with ensuring that your roof has a long life should include fixing or replacing individual shingles, checking for damage and replacing the entire roof, if needed. Here is what you need to know:


  • If your roof is leaking, or you suspect it was damaged after a powerful storm, check for roofing damage by using a sturdy ladder and checking for visible signs such as curled, broken or missing shingles. Also make sure to evaluate the structural integrity of the materials and fixtures around the chimney, and to check the flashing for damage.
  • You need to remove the nails of rotten or irreparably damaged shingles using a hammer or pry bar. The shingle should then easily slide out, making way for its replacement. Once you fasten the new shingle in place, make sure you plant galvanized roofing nails and hammer them into place in each corner of the shingle.
  • If your roof is old or extensively damaged, you might want to fully replace it. Although the complete project might require assistance from one of the professional Flagstaff roofing contractors found locally, removing the shingles can be done as a (more or less) straightforward DIY project. With the old roof cleared away, you and your contractor will have the freedom to fully check on the structural integrity of the decking and other elements, before moving on to installing the new roof.



These simple guidelines should help you out next time your roof needs fixing. While not all situations are the same, a reliable local contractor should also be able to assist you whenever a DIY project is just not enough.


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