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With the necessity of cleaning, repairing and replacing gutters more and more prevalent in certain areas, if you ask a reliable Flagstaff roofing company they will tell you, they have begun recommending that homeowners use gutter screens, guards or covers to protect their gutter installations from excessive debris.


Gutter screens act as a filter preventing debris and dirt from going through and clogging or otherwise damaging your gutter system. Although most screens will not keep smaller debris from going through, they can be extremely effective in the fall, when leaves and other large debris may threaten the structural integrity of your gutters.


Since the costs involved are usually between $7.50 and $10 per lineal foot, a typical home with about 200 feet worth of gutters installed will normally require a cost of $1,500-$2,000.


So, ultimately, are gutter screens worth the money? The answer is that it will depend on your home’s unique needs and factors such as the location where it’s built, the length of your gutters and the amount of debris you can expect to fall every year on your roof and gutters.


For homeowners who have a great deal of trouble with excessive debris clogging their gutters every year, and who require the services of professional roofers and gutter specialists to clean their gutters 1-2 times each year, purchasing gutter screens is definitely worth the expense. These products will not only eliminate the hassle and cost of having your gutters cleaned so often, but they may even increase your gutters’ lifespan, keeping them safe much longer.


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