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The roof of your commercial property does more than just keep out the rain. It protects your business, your stock, and your livelihood. Regular inspections and maintenance can give you peace of mind and prevent minor issues from becoming major repair work. If you need commercial roof maintenance or repair for your business in Flagstaff, AZ, get in touch with Polaris Roofing Systems. Call Us at (928) 699-4840.

The best way to avoid any nasty surprises or major repair costs is to perform regular checks on the roof of your commercial property. Have your maintenance person do a general inspection and carry out any minor roof repairs a couple of times a year. Aim for a professional roof assessment every 3 to 5 years or after any major weather events.

Benefits of Regular Roof Inspections

  • Prevent Stock Damage.
  • Prevent temporary closure or Business Interruption Claims.
  • Stay within insurance policy requirements.
  • Maintain a safe environment for your staff and customers.
  • Stay energy-efficient and lower utility bills.

What To Look Out For

commercial roof care

When you’re carrying out a roof inspection lookout for any signs of wear and tear or obvious damage. Check the shingles, flashing, gutters and any vent seals for signs that the elements have compromised the roof’s water tightness. Address any weak spots as soon as possible to avoid any further damage.

Check For Water Tightness

First and foremost, a roof needs to be watertight. Check for any signs of pooling, sagging roof areas or standing water as this may eventually leak through into the interior of the home. Many commercial properties tend to have flat roofs and standing water can be more of a problem after heavy rainfall. Check for bubbling under the roofing material, which may be a sign of trapped moisture. These areas are prone to further weather damage.

You can also perform internal checks to assess for any potential leaks. Watermarks on the internal ceiling, doors suddenly jamming or flickering lights could all be indications that water has entered the interior of the building. If you observe any of these signs, it is best to call in a professional to have the damage assessed correctly and treated immediately.

Check The Seals

Flashing and vent seals are common areas that are vulnerable to leaks and water penetration. Over time, through extreme heat and cold weather conditions, the repeated freeze-thaw action can start to affect the seals or the flashing material. Even the smallest crack or lifting in these areas can allow water to enter the building. A visual inspection will show any signs of wear and tear.

Check Gutters

Clean gutters are an important part of commercial roof maintenance as they allow water to drain away freely from the roof. This prevents the pooling of moisture and build-up of ice or snow in colder weather. Ensure the gutters are clear of any leaves and debris to encourage easy drainage. Gutters need to be attached securely to the side of the building to work effectively and prevent overflow.

Clear Branches

Commercial roof maintenance does not stop at the edge of the building. It’s important to keep an eye on the growth patterns of any nearby trees. Keep any overhanging branches trimmed and prevent them from coming into contact with your roof as this can damage the roofing material. Nearby trees with unruly branches can also become a hazard during stormy conditions and may cause damage to your commercial roof.

If you’re looking for commercial roof maintenance or you think your commercial property needs a professional roof assessment, give Polaris Roofing Systems a call at (928) 699-4840!

Justin Young

Justin Young

Justin young has been in the construction trade for nearly 25 years, focusing on insurance restoration and roofing. While attending Arizona State he worked in new construction custom homes until the opportunity came to get back into restoration and roofing. Roofing came full circle and Justin was promoted to General Manager of a local roofing company. As that progressed he ventured out on his own to start his own company, Polaris Roofing Systems. He prides himself on being on the cutting edge of roofing materials, applications and roof quality. Justin enjoys spending time with his 2 young children and wife. Justin prides himself, his company and continued growth on the people around him and the integrity for which it stands for.

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