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Slate is one of the oldest and most beautiful roofing materials, so slate roof maintenance should be a priority for homeowners. Though the material is durable enough to last up to 200 years, it isn’t impervious to damage or other roofing system issues. Routine maintenance ensures your Arizona home’s roof will last a lifetime.

The guide below explains the importance of roofing maintenance. Regardless if your home’s roof has asphalt shingles or slate tiles, following the best practices for roof maintenance will help prevent major repairs and other issues with your roofing system.

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Importance of Slate Roofing Maintenance

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Roofing systems are more than the materials you see on top of houses. A luxury roofing system, like slate, consists of many connected parts and structures that work together to create a structurally sound roof capable of protecting the building’s interior from the elements. If any of its components fail, the entire system is in jeopardy.

Regular roofing maintenance keeps your home’s roof in good condition. It will keep the structure looking its best and prevent minor damages from becoming expensive repairs. Other benefits of roof maintenance include:

  • Fewer roof repairs
  • A safe home
  • Improved curb appeal
  • Prolonged roof lifespan

The benefits of slate roofing include natural fire and mold resistance, beauty, durability, and an average lifespan of 75 to 100 years. Slate roof maintenance is essential for houses with this roofing material. Routine maintenance can help you identify early signs of trouble that would affect your roofing system’s functionality and longevity.

Top Slate Roof Maintenance Tips

Top Slate Roof Maintenance Tips

Slate roof maintenance requires the utmost care to preserve the roofing material’s beauty and durability. Here are the best ways to care for your home’s slate roof.

Schedule Annual Inspections

The first step in maintaining your slate roof is scheduling yearly roof inspections. You might think roof inspections are a do-it-yourself project, but it isn’t.

Slate is a delicate specialty material that even some roofing companies are too inexperienced to handle. Your roof’s slope and pitch might be too steep to navigate safely without safety equipment like scaffolding and harnesses. Scheduling an inspection with a trusted and experienced roofing contractor with the proper safety equipment is best.

The roofing professional will assess your roof’s individual slates for signs of damage or lifting. Severe storms and overhanging tree branches can damage or loosen slate tiles despite their durability. However, the experienced roofer can spot signs of damage and provide the best solution.

Don’t Delay Roof Repairs

Though you should avoid conducting your own roof inspection, you can pay attention to your roof to know when to call a roofing company for repairs. For instance, if you see bald spots on your roof from missing tiles or severely damaged slates, call for help immediately. The missing or broken tiles will make your roof susceptible to moisture damage, and water can leak into your interior and exterior walls.

The exterior roofing materials protect the roofing system’s underlying structures and materials from moisture. If water gets underneath the slates, the roof’s battens and decking can rot, weaken, or develop mold. Staying on top of roof repairs reduces the risk of additional property damage. Contact Polaris Roofing Systems now for all your roof repair needs in Flagstaff, AZ.

Check the Roof’s Flashings

Roof flashing consists of metal strips that seal edges around chimneys, the roof ridge, and roof valleys to prevent water seepage. Galvanized steel flashings can last up to two decades. However, you can prevent rusting and premature wear by painting them.

Copper flashings are common on slate roofs. They have a life expectancy of 70 years and don’t require maintenance. You’ll need flashing repair if the copper’s natural patina shifts from green to black near the end of its lifespan.

Clean the Gutters and Downspouts

Your gutters and downspouts keep water away from your home. Box and hanging gutter require regular cleaning to remove debris and clogs that could cause water to pool around the roof’s edge. The excess water can cause the following issues:

  • Roof leaks
  • Siding damage
  • Foundation cracks

Keep Your Slate Roof in Excellent Condition with Polaris Roofing Systems

Maintaining your slate roof requires professional assistance, which Polaris Roofing Systems is proud to provide. As a top roofing contractor in Flagstaff, and the surrounding communities, our skilled team has years of experience installing, replacing and repair slate, including natural and composite slate tiles. We offer superior roofing services throughout Flagstaff and the surrounding cities..

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Justin Young

Justin Young

Justin young has been in the construction trade for nearly 25 years, focusing on insurance restoration and roofing. While attending Arizona State he worked in new construction custom homes until the opportunity came to get back into restoration and roofing. Roofing came full circle and Justin was promoted to General Manager of a local roofing company. As that progressed he ventured out on his own to start his own company, Polaris Roofing Systems. He prides himself on being on the cutting edge of roofing materials, applications and roof quality. Justin enjoys spending time with his 2 young children and wife. Justin prides himself, his company and continued growth on the people around him and the integrity for which it stands for.

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