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You may have heard in passing about public adjusters and what they do. However, most of us don’t really look into what public adjusters actually do, until we are faced with unhelpful insurance agents who hang up in the middle of a phone call.

In most cases, the process of filing an insurance claim seems simple. If there’s damage to your car or property, you simply have to contact your insurance company, and an agent will listen as you list every damage that you’d like compensation for. Once the insurance company finishes evaluating the situation, however, you’ll usually get a call that gives you some bad news: only a small percentage of the amount you were expecting will actually be provided.  When in need look for a known Flagstaff roofing company that has years of experience and will work with your adjuster.

What a public adjuster does is to make sure you get exactly the amount that you deserve. If your insurer is trying to get rid of you, your adjuster will fight on your behalf, do all the necessary legal research, and find the loopholes that the insurer hasn’t taken into account before concluding that the damage isn’t worth a higher compensation than they’d offer.

Once your adjuster finishes the job, you will have the compensation you need at your disposal, and your money will be enough to take care of all your most pressing needs – a vital advantage when you also have to cover medical bills and other important expenses.

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