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If the area where you live has been recently hit by hail or you see the signs of other weather-related damage on the ground, chances are that your roof also sustained at least mild damage, it’s time to call locally owned and operated Flagstaff roofers. Weather damage, especially the damage caused by hail on roofs is not even nearly as conspicuous as the damage caused by the weather to objects on the ground, so here are a few signs that indicate damage up there:

  • The metal components of your roof are the most sensitive to hailstones, so check the gutters, the downspouts and the gutter screens for dents that were not there prior to the hail storm,
  • Roof vents, skylights and chimneys are also sensitive to the weather – look for dents and chipped surfaces and run a piece of chalk on the surface that you only suspect to be damaged,
  • Hail damage sustained by asphalt shingles is somewhat more difficult to identify – don’t expect clearly visible signs, look for displaced or completely missing surface granules (it is indicative of damage that is deeper and more serious that just a few damaged shingles),
  • If your roof is made from wood shingles, clay or slate, look for cracked and chipped pieces,
  • The signs of hail damage on a metal roof are the same as the signs you can see on gutters and other metal components – dents and holes.


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