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Cedar shake roofs proved quite popular in the colonial era, and they’re regaining their fame. Today, many homeowners choose them because of their aesthetic appeal. A cedar shake roof will add an instant wow factor to any home.

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Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

Recent roofing innovations have allowed cedar shakes to be more durable than ever before. However, like any other roofing option, your cedar shake roof will require regular maintenance to extend its lifespan, ensure long-term performance, and preserve its elegant look.

Benefits of Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance

Taking care of your cedar shake roof has its unique benefits. Some of them include:

Extended Lifespan

Without proper maintenance, cedar shakes have an average lifespan of about 15 years. Cedar shingles, which tend to be thinner than shakes, have an even shorter lifespan. By observing proper care and maintenance, these roofing materials can last up to 30 years or more. You won’t have to worry about replacing your roof prematurely.

Pest Prevention

Maintaining your cedar roof also helps prevent pests from invading your roof. Broken or missing cedar pieces expose the roof’s inner surface, providing a passageway for unwanted critters ranging from rats and squirrels to birds and other animals.

Having a routine maintenance schedule will ensure your roofer replaces damaged shakes and prevents unwanted pests from wreaking havoc in other areas of your home’s interior.

Minimize Damage

Excessive moss growth may seem like a minor cosmetic issue that can lead to the appearance of stains and moldy streaks on the roof’s surface. If not addressed right away, some of the cedar shakes may start to rot. Cracks and warps can also result in water damage and leaks.

Regular maintenance can help you minimize all these as much as possible.

Cedar Shake Roof Maintenance Tips

Inspect Your Cedar Shake Roof Regularly

To keep your roof in tip-top condition, be sure to inspect it often. Look out for any damaged or missing roof shingles. You also want to check for gaps or cracks that can allow moisture to seep into the roof or lie stagnate on the roof.

Excess moisture is your roof’s worst nightmare. It can make your roof susceptible to mold, fungi, and algae infestations. Left unaddressed, moisture issues can lead to leaks in your roofing system and a whole host of problems ranging from mold growth to water damage inside your home.

Other maintenance tips that can help keep your cedar shake roof in good condition include:

  • Trim overhanging branches
  • Keep the roof vents clear
  • Clean your gutters
  • Hire a professional to clean your roof
  • Use protective treatments to preserve your roof
  • Remove debris such as leaves, sticks, and pine needles

Fortunately, you can find specialty products on the market today to help you get rid of biological nuisances such as algae, moss, mold, and fungi. Remember to avoid overly caustic or abrasive products. They can damage the wood and reduce its structural integrity.

Even with your best efforts, you can’t possibly maintain your roof like a professional can. Your roofing contractor will have the proper equipment and training to perform a thorough cleaning and provide effective repairs. So, hire an expert to maintain your cedar shake roof as it will serve you and your family for longer.

Most professional maintenance programs tend to be budget-friendly, considering the alternative of having to fork out a decent amount of cash for roofing repairs or an entirely new roof.

Choose Polaris Roofing Systems for Your Cedar Shake Roofing Needs

When you need cedar shake roofing repair or replacement, call our roofing experts at Polaris Roofing Systems. You can trust our team to keep an eye on your investment and ensure your cedar roof continues to perform over time. We’re your trusted choice for roofing repair, replacement, and maintenance services in Flagstaff, AZ, and the surrounding areas.
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Justin Young

Justin Young

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