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If you are currently building a new home in Arizona or you are planning to replace your old roof with a new one that uses affordable, yet durable and weather-resistant materials, roofing shingles make the best choice. Shingles are nowadays gaining more and more popularity because of their excellent weather-resistant qualities that make them suitable for any climate – here are the most common varieties you can choose from:

  • 3-tab shingles – the most widespread variety is made from three layers, each from a different material to increase weather-resistance. These shingles are inexpensive, durable and able to withstand any weather and even the widest temperature variations, but they come with a relatively short warranty time and they are available in only one size and shape,
  • Architectural shingles – available in various shapes and sizes, architectural shingles are thicker than 3-tab varieties, thus offering more protection to your home. They come with longer warranty periods, but they are also slightly more expensive,
  • Slate shingles – slate offers enhanced fire resistance and a lifespan that exceeds 50 years, but being the heaviest variety, it is not suitable for any building and it requires professional installation,
  • Metal shingles – another durable and weather-resistant solution, metal is a long-lasting material and it is also the easiest to install because it can be simply laid on top of the old roof.

Rather than making this decision on your own, contact our roofers in Flagstaff AZ for great advice.  With replacing your roof and it being such a big investment make sure you choose the right roofing material.

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