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The Advantages of Barrel Tile Roofing

Barrel tile roofing, also called Spanish tile or clay barrel tile, is a popular choice for homeowners living in warmer and wetter climates. This sturdy natural material compliments warm-climate homes well as it’s known for extreme durability to these types of weather conditions and has a full line of customization options to work well with practically any home design. Polaris Roofing Systems repairs and installs barrel tile in the Flagstaff AZ area. Read on for a few advantages of choosing barrel tile roofing and see if this material might just be the one for your next roofing project.

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spanish barrel roof tile


While these tiles are most commonly made from natural clay resources, they can also be created from a blend of concrete or clay. As such, these roofing materials are fully customizable and offer a wide variety of colors and textures that can easily be matched to homes of all styles and color schemes. Arizona homeowners love choosing barrel tile roof colors that match their home!


It might surprise you to learn that barrel tile roofing systems have been known in some cases to last upwards of 100 years when installed properly, making these systems one of the most durable roofing options available. This is partially due to their incredible resiliency to all forms of water and weather damage, as barrel tiles are made with a strong water-shedding exterior and an additional interior layer of protection underneath the tiles themselves. These roofing systems are also resistant to fire and wind damage (top-rated in both categories) and can even resist extreme weather conditions like hail and high winds. Unlike wood tiles, clay tiles are completely immune to any sort of decay or water rot, and can easily endure any and all sort of wet weather that’s thrown their way.

Easy Install & Maintenance

When done by a professional, these roofing systems make for one of the easiest installation jobs around. Frequent replacement is rare, and typically only occurs after one of more tiles is the victim of some sort of high-impact force or object. When replacements are needed, this is also fairly simply done as tiles are replaced on an individual basis— which ultimately means lower maintenance costs for you.


Barrel tile roofing systems are typically made from 100% natural materials and are often chemical free. Since they don’t need to be replaced often, these roofing systems don’t deplete natural resources the way other materials do, and they can also be ground up and recycled after use. Clay barrel tiles are also naturally energy efficient- providing a built-in air circulation system and heat barrier that maintains the temperature of your home and prevents hot or cold air from escaping during winters and summers.

Is Barrel Tile Right For Me?

A few things to consider before choosing barrel tile is the cost and the weight of installing one of these roofing systems. Although it will last you years to come, these residential roofing systems require a considerable up-front investment and a home that can withstand their weight. Be sure to consult a roofing professional to find out if your home meets the structural demands of this roofing system prior to installation. Contact Polaris for a free quote: (928) 699-4840.

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